End-of-life Care Patient-centric for Kokomo Area

Paradigm Health recently had the opportunity to chat with social services director Carly Haines from Kokomo, Indiana-based senior living facility Waterford Place about her experience working with the Paradigm Health caregiving team and their commitment to above and beyond end-of-life hospice care 

Trenton Haley and Carly Haines
Trenton Haley, Paradigm Health Clinical Coordinator and Carly Haines, Waterford Place Social Services Director

PH:  Carly, when did you first hear about or begin working with hospice and palliative care provider Paradigm Health? 

CH:  Paradigm Health first met with the internal team at Waterford Place in early 2020. We sat down for a round-table discussion to identify common goals and service standards for caring for residents for end-of-life care. 

PH:  At that time what did you and Waterford Place — a senior living facility — know about Paradigm Health and their services? 

CH:  Before our first meeting in 2020, I did not know anything about Paradigm Health. They were relatively new to the hospice care market in Kokomo, so we had not had a chance to connect with anyone just yet. 

PH:  How would you describe Paradigm Health’s approach to patient care? 

CH:  I would describe Paradigm Health’s approach to patient care as patient-first. Above anything else, they look at the whole person — a community-based, holistic approach — when providing care. This care philosophy also translates and extends to the family. Paradigm Health understands that every individual’s hospice journey is unique to them and has specific goals of care they wish to follow.  

PH:  What in your experience and working relationship with Paradigm Health sets them apart from other hospice and palliative care providers and caregivers? 

CH:  What sets Paradigm Health apart from other hospice providers is the people. There are many hospice-care companies to choose from for patients, but what really sets Paradigm Health’s hospice care apart from others is the quality of staff that are providing the hands-on care. Every nurse, social worker, CNA, music therapist, and chaplain that I have encountered has been the true hands and feet of the patient-first mentality. They are compassionate, caring, patient, kind, and have the utmost attention to every detail. That is what makes all the difference.  

“End of life is such a scary and uncertain time for our patients and families, and the Paradigm Health hospice staff that has come alongside us and the families at Waterford Place have truly become a part of the family. They have integrated themselves into the fibers of the final chapter of these patient’s lives and it is such an honor to work beside them daily in our building. Knowing that residents that discharge into Paradigm Health’s hospice care are in in compassionate hands.” Carly Haines  

PH:  What is your role at Waterford Place and share with us your background and how you came to the healthcare industry? 

CH:  I am the social service director here at Waterford Place. I have been with the company since 2015 in this role and have truly found my passion in long term care. Specifically, hospice and end-of-life care for families. I came to health care by divine intervention. I had always thought that my passion and purpose was children, but always knew that the family dynamic and helping people was in my soul. I truly believe that I was led to this line of work to be able to be that voice of comfort and assistance for families and patients in their most vulnerable time in life. It is truly an honor to be a social worker in long term care.  

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