Involved and hands-on, Julia Lowe is making a difference through her job and her community commitments 

Paradigm Health Patient Navigator Julia Lowe’s day job of helping patients and families navigate finding the right hospice or palliative care unique to their care goals meshes seamlessly with her commitment to her work with the faith-based Indiana Parkinson Foundation (IPF).  

“The IPF mission to come alongside those with Parkinson’s disease and their families and provide valuable programs and services to improve their lives physically, mentally and spiritually aligns closely with the vision of Paradigm Health,” shares Lowe. “Paradigm Health also understands that the healthcare goals of each individual are a priority, and they adapt a holistic approach to caregiving to fit those goals.”

While there is no definitive test for Parkinson’s Disease there are some initial and identifying symptoms. In many cases one or more symptoms can be present including tremors, a loss of balance or coordination, trouble moving or walking, loss or softening of the voice and rigidity or stiffness in the body. 

Lowe encourages individuals with any of these symptoms to see their primary care physician and perhaps ultimately a neurologist. With many new medications and therapies available to help someone with Parkinson’s disease waiting isn’t the best option. Getting a diagnosis, managing symptoms and identifying resources, Lowe shares, is crucial. 

“Once a patient has been diagnosed, Paradigm Health’s palliative caregiving support team usually led by a nurse practitioner, can help streamline the management of care but won’t replace their primary physician or neurologist,” Lowe says. “When we meet with a patient with Parkinson’s disease, we aren’t hoping to see them on their best day. We want to see how they are living day-to-day in whatever environment they call home so that we can help identify ways to best improve and enhance their lives while living with the disease.” 

For many Parkinson’s patients the disease affects almost all parts of their life including diet, medications, doctor visits, coordination and recommendation for physical therapy or exercise regimens. Having a caregiving partner like Paradigm Health that can assist and streamline those needs can alleviate stress on both the patient and the family.  

“Through IPF we have so many programs that can be of assistance in addition to how Paradigm Health can assist a patient once they are diagnosed,” says Lowe. “Paradigm Health was the first to be nationally accredited for palliative care by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) and our community-based approach to caregiving can really help a patient and their family.” 

If you spend more than a few minutes talking with Lowe about her job or the many organizations she gives of her time, talent and treasure to, her passion and commitment to help others rises right to the surface. She is a former board president and currently serves on the advisory group for Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County, another organization committed to promoting and supporting independent lifestyles for adults 55+ in Hamilton County. 

 It’s safe to say Lowe’s an advocate for caring for others.  

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