• Pet Therapy

    Did you know therapy animals are good for patients with serious or terminal illnesses? Being around animals makes people feel healthier and happier. Studies show that seniors who are active and always around others, or who own a pet decline in health far less rapidly than isolated or depressed seniors. 

    Having an animal in a patient's life can help improve their well-being and give new meaning to their life. Due to the numerous health benefits therapy animals provide, Paradigm Health is proud to offer pet therapy as part of its Life Enrichment Programs in Indianapolis and Central Indiana. 

    Pet therapy for patients, also know as animal assisted therapy, is a technique that uses animals to interact with individuals for numerous reasons to help improve their quality of life. They offer so many amazing health benefits such as:

    • Much-needed physical exercise, which leads to improved mobility and a healthier lifestyle overall.
    • The ability to have something to pet or touch can result in lower blood pressure, normal heart rate and reduced stress.
    • Emotional stability during stressful situations, helping to reduce anxiety and depression.
    • Caring for a pet helps increase self-confidence and self-esteem, providing a way to feel useful and responsible for something.
    • For dementia patients, animals can be soothing to those who have difficulty using language.
    • Feeding and grooming can help increase seniors’ physical skills and help them become more active.
    • Improved socialization -- animals listen without judgment and give unbiased affection, especially when a senior may desire to share the thoughts they may not be comfortable telling family or friends.
    • Seniors with heart conditions who own pets tend to outlive those who don’t.
  • A Volunteer and His Best Friend

    When Jim Hitzeman searched for volunteer opportunities in his community, he was drawn to two words used in a description of the volunteer work: Puppy Love. He was immediately intrigued by a Paradigm Health ad calling for volunteers and their pets. Hitzeman and his golden retriever, Maggie, have been enriching the lives of hospice patients ever since. 

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