• Paradigm Health Social Services

    The Paradigm Health social work team works with individuals who are in need of psychosocial assistance. They provide case management and coordination of community resources. Medical social services also provide assistance with the social and emotional effects of coping with acute and chronic illnesses in the home.

    Social Work and Hospice Care 

    • Assess patient and patient family needs
    • Assist with family conflict
    • Facilitate patient and family adjusting to terminal illness
    • Create a plan, intervention and goal(s)
    • Educate patient and family on interventions
    • Offer support and companionship at end of life
    • Assist with advance directive planning
    • Funeral planning
    • Community referrals
    • Advocate for client’s best interest
    • Insurance questions or assistance
    • Respite care and facility placement assistance
    • Encourage caregiver and staff self care

    Social Work and Home Health Care

    • Assessment of the social and emotional factors related to the beneficiary's illness, the need for care, their response to treatment, and adjustment to care

    • Assessment of financial resources, and the community resources available

    • Services provided on a short-term basis (two to three visits) to a beneficiary's family member or caregiver when it is shown that a brief intervention is necessary to remove a clear and direct impediment to the effective treatment of the beneficiary's medical condition or to the rate of recovery

    • Appropriate action to obtain available community resources to assist in resolving the beneficiary's problem