Chaplain Bryan Smith shares some of the adaptations that Paradigm Health is putting in place as they continue to offer spiritual support for patients, their families and their team. 

Emotional and Spiritual Support 

The Paradigm chaplain team is working to: 

  • Offer emotional spiritual support through telehealth options by contacting patients and family members via phone calls, Facetime, and Skype so that a more personable visit can occur. 
  • Create a support system that engages the patient’s family who can act as a liaison between the chaplain and the patient. 
  • Listen actively, bond with the patient through a life review and conversation and offer scripture readings, devotions, and prayer. 
  • Stay in contact with patients and families through the writing of personalized letters or cards to patients and families offering encouragement and support. 
  • Provide spiritual support to communities Paradigm Health works with to provide support for their staff as well with audio and video prayer recordings. 
  • Keep Paradigm Health staff connected spiritually through daily prayers that are offered before the start of each day and also sent via text message, sending letters of encouragement to their homes, and offering one-on-one conversations or counsel when needed or requested. 

The strength of the spiritual support offered by Paradigm Health has not wavered as we adapt the ways we are offering comfort, care and encouragement. Thinking outside the box has always been a foundation for Paradigm and now, more than ever, we will continue to find creative new ways to keep our patients, their loved ones and our staff lifted up and spiritually fulfilled. 

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