For many Paradigm Health hospice patients and their families, end-of-life spiritual well-being extends beyond religion. Understanding and addressing the spiritual needs of a hospice patient and their family can positively impact the hospice journey offering peace, comfort and a sense of purpose.  

Paradigm Health’s compassionate and holistic approach to care focuses on enhancing each day. Focusing on building meaningful relationships — during the hospice care journey — has a significant impact on an individual’s psychosocial well-being. Our team helps to provide a safe space where individuals can explore and express their beliefs, values and fears, allowing for a more profound understanding of the meaning of life and death. 

Beyond Paradigm Health’s hospice care patients, spiritual care can provide support for families and caregivers as well. A sense of grief and loss are significant aspects of the hospice journey for patient, family and caregiver as they search for strength, support and comfort. 

Bringing together the psychology (mind, thoughts, emotions, feelings and behaviors) with the social (relationships with others, environment, cultures and traditions, roles and tasks) can help patients and families navigate the connections between the two to help support spiritual wellness during the hospice journey.  

How can Paradigm Health’s life enrichment spiritual team help? By facilitating the journey and identifying ways to support an individual through: 

  • Enhancing Daily Quality of Life—Spiritual care can enhance daily life, reduce anxiety and provide comfort 
  • Providing Emotional Support—Explore the connection between spiritual care and emotional well-being 
  • Establishing Meaning and Purpose—Help patients and families find meaning in their lives 
  • Finding Connection and Closure—Search for reconciliation, closer of relationship, facilitate conversations 
  • Discussing Religious Needs/Thoughts—Find strength and comfort through religion and faith a greater sense of tranquility in their final days. 

If you have questions about hospice care, please contact us at 317-735-6001 or email us.