• Kristin Cicenas
    Clinical Coordinator Hospice

    Kristin cicenas

    Kristin Cicenas serves as Clinical Coordinator Hospice for Paradigm Health and brings with her a myriad of work experience beginning her career as a licensed funeral director. Understanding her desire to have a more hands-on caregiving role she transitioned her career focus to nursing and gained her nursing degree in 2015. With a background in grief support coupled with personal loss, Kristin soon found her calling within her nursing career in hospice care. Her role with Paradigm has offered Kristin the opportunity to learn all she has learned in the field as a case manager herself and share it with other Paradigm Health hospice team members that will be hands-on with patients and interacting with families. As Clinical Coordinator Hospice she is committed to making sure her case managers are supported and able to provide the best care for patients and families every day.