Indiana Hospice and Palliative Care

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Dr. Dee Moonesinghe

Dr. Dee Moonesinghe

Medical Director

As a hospice certified medical director, and palliative and hospice board-certified physician, Dr. Dee Moonesinghe brings to Paradigm Health a wealth of hands-on knowledge and compassionate leadership experience. Dr. Moonesinghe is responsible for developing a comprehensive, holistic medical care plan for each patient ensuring…

Andrew Worswick

Andrew Worswick


With an extensive background in physical therapy, post-acute and outpatient rehabilitation, and as director of rehabilitation for a large continuing care retirement community, Andrew Worswick serves as President of Paradigm Health. As a native Californian, he graduated from San Diego…

Jeff Jarecki Paradigm Health

Jeff Jarecki

Founder and Chairman

Healthcare industry veteran Jeff Jarecki serves as founder and chairman of Paradigm Health. A graduate of Indiana University and Ball State, Jeff has spent over 20 years as a licensed health facility administrator and has successfully operated a continuing care…