Hospice care is a proactive choice. 

Many times, families are struggling with the answer to the question: When is the appropriate time for hospice care? But, a review of eligibility of care often has some very identifiable parameters around them that let you know that your loved one qualifies for hospice care. These parameters can be helpful and supportive indicators and decision-making tools.  

time fore hospice care

In addition to these eligibility of care parameters, you might be asking yourself some other day-to-day care questions such as: 

  • Is the person I have been caring for over these last few months had minor or major declines? 
  • Are they getting weaker and not stronger? 
  • Have they had a number of hospitalizations? 
  • Are they adding more medications to combat a specific disease or to relieve growing symptoms? 

If the answer to many of these questions indicates that a patient is declining versus recovering, this presents a really good level-set point for people trying to determine next-step caregiving strategies. If the patient has reached a point where they are not getting better or stronger and seem weaker — you may want to consider what kind of care is available for help and support.  

Some families are waiting for a physician to indicate that it is time for a loved one to go on hospice care. But this is not a requirement. Being proactive can offer less stress and relieve anxiety. Families don’t need to wait for a physician to conduct a hospice care evaluation. They can ask the patient’s physician to order an evaluation or Paradigm Health can request that one be done for the family as well.   

Hospice is a covered benefit you are entitled to. 

At Paradigm Health, we have many patients who are on hospice care for several months. Medicare covers up to six months of hospice care. Once hospice care is approved, if the family is carrying the burden of incontinence and medical supplies and medications, Paradigm Health can carry that burden for you at 100 percent coverage through the Medicare hospice benefit.  

By putting hospice care in place, your loved one can avoid hospital or rehab stays and trips to the doctor if they are on a declining trajectory. Making this transition to hospice care and support can make it so much more peaceful and comfortable for the patient and for you as a caregiver and allow for you to focus on time spent with your loved one.  

Paradigm Health can provide hospice care wherever your patient calls home. It may be in your home, in a long-term or skilled-care facility or nursing home. In response to the ease in which COVID is spread, we have put in place above-and-beyond safety precautions and have the PPE necessary to provide care safely. Our staff is educated and trained on our strict safety precaution procedures and has you and your patient’s health as a priority. We are prepared to safely come in to wherever you call home and provide hospice care when needed. Paradigm Health wants to make sure no one goes without care.  

By having trained hospice care during the hospice journey, this allows for loved ones, friends and family to enjoy the precious time with a loved one. If you aren’t sure if the time is right for hospice care, call us at 317-735-6001. We can help you and your loved one navigate the hospice journey.  

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