Valuing and Supporting Employees Directly Translates to Above and Beyond Patient Care 

top workplaces 2022Central Indiana hospice and palliative care provider Paradigm Health has been named a Top WorkPlaces USA 2022 award winner. A previous Central Indiana Top WorkPlaces award winner in 2021, this national recognition for Paradigm Health as an exceptional place to work is based on employee-provided survey responses in performance categories such as leadership, culture, compensation, benefits, and work-life balance.  

“We are incredibly grateful to our team for the compassionate caregiving they provide for Paradigm Health’s hospice and palliative care patients every day,” says Paradigm Health CEO Jeff Jarecki. “Our company mission is built on making sure our employees know they are valued, supported and that we have their well-being front and center. That vision to become the employer of choice directly translates to becoming the Central Indiana provider of choice for our patients and their families.” 

Employer of Choice
For those in Central Indiana searching for nursing, hospice, or palliative care careers, our employees say Paradigm Health is one of the top Indiana workplaces with a team-atmosphere and consistent support. 

The 2022 award — given based on Paradigm Health employee’s high job satisfaction ranking — as one of the nation’s Top Workplaces 2022, confirms our dedication to strong values, a positive, supportive, and inclusive work community, and a culture founded on team value and servant leadership. Paradigm Health’s commitment to become the employer of choice directly translates to our ability to become Central Indiana’s hospice and palliative care provider of choice. The care and well-being of our team impacts the above and beyond care we provide patients and their families every day. 

Paradigm Health ranked in the Top 25 percent of companies nationally in categories such as: 

  • Leaders In-The-Know 
  • Open-Minded 
  • Innovation 
  • Work-Life Balance 
  • Employee Appreciation 
  • Clued-In Employees 
  • Trusted Leader 
  • Supportive Managers 
  • Company Direction 
  • Cross-Team Cooperation 

A Culture of Care

When CEO Jeff Jarecki — a longtime healthcare industry caregiver, innovator, and leader — founded Paradigm Health his mission was to create and build an organization that valued, supported, and encouraged growth of its employees first and foremost. That unwavering dedication to become the employer of choice in the hospice and palliative care industry in Central Indiana has in turn allowed Paradigm Health to become the provider of choice for many patients and families. 

The Paradigm Health team shared these thoughts on working for Paradigm Health and being a part of a compassionate, committed caregiving team.  

“I came to work for Paradigm Health because of their caring culture and it has been everything it was promised to be and more. Paradigm Health really focuses on a caring and supportive culture for our staff team and that directly translates and extends to our patients, their families, and our community partners.”  

“I’m well supported and encouraged to care for my patients. The Paradigm Health philosophy on work/life balance is truly encouraged — it is not just lip service like so many other companies.” 

“Paradigm Health encourages me to be my best and feel supported every day and gives me the support to do my job well. It has been a long time since I have enjoyed my career, like the people I work with, and was invigorated by going to work every day.” 

“I feel supported by the leadership team and feel there is great communication and synergy between team members. It is rewarding to work for an organization that puts the team first and strives every day to be the employer of choice. I love that at Paradigm Health everyone has a voice and that we learn and grow from each other’s ideas and feedback.” 

Learn more about becoming a part of the Paradigm Health team on our Careers Hub.  

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