virtual hospiceJeffrey Liu learned of Paradigm Health’s hospice volunteer program from a friend. The friend shared that he was making bereavement calls and found the experience very rewarding as a virtual hospice volunteer for Paradigm Health.  

“I’m currently a junior at Indiana University studying Biology and intend to apply to medical school next year,” says Liu. “The volunteer opportunity at Paradigm seemed interesting to me and the pandemic has impacted so many parts of all of our lives, it made me realize that I am fortunate to be in a position to help others.” 

Liu soon found himself as part of the Paradigm Health hospice volunteer team and has been making bereavement calls — frequent check-ins over the phone with the family members of beloved ones who have passed away. He shares that initially he was a bit overwhelmed at the thought of interacting with individuals who had their family members pass away 

“Volunteer Coordinator Rockea Bell was really nice and helpful throughout the entire volunteer training process and made me feel confident and supported,” says Liu. “I became more comfortable with the interaction with families and took on a supportive and listening role.” 

Conversations that allow the patient’s family to reminisce and share stories about their loved one with Liu are something he very much enjoys. He’s become an avid listener and says hearing the stories and memories are as rewarding for him as they are for the families.  

“Volunteers of all kinds are so needed right now,” says Liu. “During COVID I’ve made the most of my volunteer efforts online in order to maintain safety protocols. I don’t feel like my impact is any less meaningful even though we are connecting virtually. It has been an experience I am very grateful for and I encourage others to find a way to give back.” 

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