• Paradigm Health has developed a program to collaborate with local independent and assisted living communities to enhance the physical, occupational, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social wellness and life enrichment of their residents. Through nursing services and focused programming created to maximize the wellness of each resident, Paradigm Wellness and its team can provide added value for the facility, their staff, their residents, and the resident’s family.

    Assessing one’s overall wellness, developing an individualized plan, and facilitating compliance is crucial with enhancing the treatment of one’s medical condition while maximizing their quality of life.

    Improving the overall wellness of the residents in a facility in turn improves the overall wellness of the facility as a whole. This intentional care can produce preventative outcomes resulting in decreased falls, hospitalizations, and move-outs to seek a higher level of care. A healthier community cultivates more social interaction, positivity, and a family-like mentality through longevity of residency.

    In answer to an increasing marketing for senior living communities focused on overall health, well-being and preventative care, Paradigm Health’s Wellness Program can assist with positioning your senior living community as the preferred community for seniors to choose to live.